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I am thinking to study MBBS in foreign, Please Explain me more. is a new international Educational Consultancy Firm Startup Seeking Reputation and a Long Term Business. We have a very simple and easy 100% Refund Policy of every Documentation or Procedure. If a student can not secure Visa or Passport or Changes his Desicion for some Reasons. We will Refund you whole 100% our side Service Charges.

Refund Policy – 100% Money Back Guarantee If you could not Secure Visa or Passport. Refund Policy Only applies to Services we provide. Not the fee charged by Embassy or University or any other Third Party.

Refunding of Fee – We will not take tuition fee from students. When students secure admissions in University and they are in Ternopil. They have to pay by themselves or our Representative will deposit fee for their ease. The student can either carry fee with him or Directly deposit fee in University account from Indian Banks after getting Visa.

Clear To Understand – For example A student is charged 300 USD for an invitation. He can not Get Visa or Can not get Passport or whatever problems (Financial etc.) If he request Us refund, We will Refund 150$ Instantly without asking any question.

Why 150$ only here why not 300$ ?

Invitation Documentation have 3 Charges.

  1. University Fee 150$ – Which University will not refund us back (University have Non Refunding Policy for Invitation Letter).
  2. 80$ – 90$ – Documents translation for Invitation and Other service by (We will refund it.)
  3. 70$ – 80$ Is fedex Charges Which can not be refunded if once we send invitation to INDIA, If document Still Not Posted we will refund you.